We are getting closer to the Guzzler and each day our performance is improving!

Updated: May 20, 2021

To finish our training session on Sunday and see the smiles on everyone's face and to receive the positive feedback was incredible - well done team!

One of our team joined us on Sunday for the 1st time this year and felt fantastic, another member of our team had been on holidays for a few weeks and came back feeling fitter, another member of our team had introduced massage and stretching and felt their run instantly improve- it's exciting because we are always adapting and listening to feedback from the body.

We were also discussing on our run the mindset when approaching a hill - in Stephen Coveys words 'Begin with the end in mind.' How self-belief, picturing being at the top and thinking how it will feel once complete can become the motivation and determination to continue.

We are starting to buy the last few items ready for the big event! Only 9 weeks to go. 20km on Saturday running or 10km walking planned .. would you like to join us?

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