Spending time in Nature - A great way to start the day!

Who can agree? It's rewarding to make time away from computers, city life and studios. Luckily for our team we only have to drive 20 minutes from home to experience this in the beautiful surroundings of Mount Cooth-Tha & Enogerra Reservoir.

We arrived at M.Cooth-Tha at 5:30am it was so busy with cars, but as we began the Powerful Owl Trail it was peaceful, still and cold ( I'm originally from the U.K -2 used to be cold, but I have to admit 15 degrees is now cold!!)

We set out with a plan of 30km, but sometimes plans change. Jason had to stop and walk due to his knee, but Steven and I continued on for 22km. We ran hills we'd never ran before, we encouraged and supported each other throughout and we finished strong and proud of our performance.

It's not just what you do on that morning or night before, but what you do consistently over weeks, months and years that contributes to performance in all areas and it's incredible to not only see the results in split times for kms, but also feel the increase in energy, the progressions across all trails and be able to support and help the team achieve the best they can be! There is always lots to learn as everyone is different, but nutrition, supplements for immune system, vitamin c, joint health, sleep and hydration is key for performance and a healthy mind and body.

After walking in the city with my client on Friday, my client asked if I'd heard of the Japanese phrase for Forest Bathing. I said no, but went and googled it after our walk. The phrase read 'Shinrin-Yoku' - that's exactly what Saturday was for the team.

Our next stop is a 40-50km trail planned on May 8th. What will we learn? What challenges will we face? I'm excited to share in just over a weeks time!!

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