Our training for 100km Guzzler begins- 14 weeks to go!

Time flies! Each day passes and I feel it's important to make the best of every day and achieve the best you can be. Hearing the words 'I don't have time' and 'I wish I'd done that when I was younger' are used too often. It's never too late to achieve your dream!

In January 2021 we made the decision as a team to sign up for The 100km Guzzler Walk/Run - I love challenges and I remember feeling excited for us all! We had the opportunity to raise money and an awareness for a foundation, but we hadn't yet decided on a charity to support.

On March 17th my Dad unexpectedly suffered a stroke in the UK, in that moment my life turned upside down. Dad was now my priority, my motivation and my determination for The Guzzler.

In March, we put the wheels in to motion to support the Stroke Foundation for all of the remarkable work they do and I thought it would be a fantastic idea to blog our journey. Our achievements, our challenges along the way and to recognise times in training when if you lose focus the importance of a team to encourage you to step up! So, here it begins ...

As a team 5am on a weekend is the perfect training time for us; the only difference is that we used to complete 9km return and now we have a 30km run/walk planned on Sunday (wish us luck!)

Over the last couple of weeks we have been exploring new trails and I have overcome my first few challenges physically and mentally. Firstly, we came to the top of the Kokoda Trail and it was like looking over the edge of a mountain, secondly arriving at 4:30am, it being so dark, but determined to start and thirdly I nearly went head first into a spider and its web and so I also now know the importance of a headlight - to look for insects!!

When you find challenges, they seem so big, but when you break them down into small steps, overcoming them seems easier.

I'm excited and ready for what Sunday's 30km will bring!

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