Flexibility : It takes time, but doesn’t cost a dime.

Have you ever tried something in training or work that surprised you? It was so simple that it felt too good to be true?

Let’s use the afternoon energy dip as an example. Have you tried having a coffee earlier in the day, choosing a balanced lunch or taking the 10 minutes away from your desk to hit the reset button, take a break from the air con and get some fresh air?

How did it feel? Did it improve concentration and improve energy levels?

Was it free? Yes!

Now, let’s apply the some concept to flexibility..

Is it free? Yes!

Do you need much equipment? (other than a band and roller?) No!

Do you feel better after? Yes!

I get asked in consultations how long, when, how often, which stretches, why?

I love these questions!

Firstly, if you haven’t tried stretching you’re missing out! Secondly, if you are experiencing discomfort - be gentle there should be no pain or discomfort! Lastly, if you are unsure where to start please ask - flexibility has changed my clients lives.

Let’s do it!

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