Falling Down, but getting back up!

Updated: May 10, 2021

Sunday's run with the team was adventurous, challenging and inspiring! We started earlier which meant the head lamps were being used for the 1st time, having no contact lenses meant that running with foggy glasses was new (any tips for this would be greatly appreciated) and we were going down Jacksonias steps and up Kokoda - all round lots of new learning experiences at once.

Were the progressions too fast, did we run too fast down the steps? These are all questions that we reflect on after and look to change for our next run!

So, where does falling down, but getting back up come into this?

I was the first team member to fall! Over a stump .. elbow and hands went down first! The team were great, they didn't laugh. I took some deep breaths, sat for a moment, stood for a moment, started to walk and then run the final 5km. It was a great feeling to get back up, to continue on and to overcome the fall - it's very motivating (never embarrassing).

It's going to happen in training, work or life coming across challenges, but I always come out of these experiences asking how could I have done it better? I feel the 5 hours of flex that I do a week played a big part in not injuring myself and also a speedy recovery and that's the exciting part - it won't be long before I can do it all over again.

Thanks team for a great morning!! 10km ticked off yesterday, 20km planned for next Sunday and an exciting week ahead planned.

Thanks for sharing my journey!

Falling Down, but still smiling!

After Kokoda!

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