30km completed! Anything is possible..

Wow, 30km in 5 1/2 hours! Where do I begin ...

Firstly, I'm so proud of our team. When we arrived at 5:30am on Sunday morning there was excitement, determination and positivity. We left Mount Cooth-Tha, arrived at Enogerra which was incredible and then returned. At one point we were on a road in the suburbs at Enogerra and had to turn back - I was just excited to keep moving and took us the wrong way!

I felt more determined than I've ever felt on Sunday.

What's changed? My mindset, self belief and trusting the process. Looking back 12 weeks ago, a majority of Mount Cooth-tha hills were too much to run. Fast forward to Sunday I consistently ran each hill! Alongside completing 4-5 hours of flexibility a week.

Over the last 12 months I've dedicated more time to studying and reading. KSI has been life changing for me and being introduced to books by Jim Rohn, Maria Forleo, The 5am club, Napoleon Hill, David Goggins they have been a big influence in the changes I have made.

What's next? We have 30km planned for Sunday and 10km one evening too. I'm excited to share our new experiences!

Reflections from Sunday- Anything is possible. Continue to learn, study, try new things and believe in yourself!

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