24 days to go until our teams 100km trail adventure!

Our team have dedicated lots of time to flexibility, endurance and strength to achieve their very best on the day! Preventing injuries and improving performance and of course having fun along the way.

How did we come across The Guzzler?

I remember Nabeela tagging me in a post on social media for the event and I immediately thought it looked a fantastic challenge both mentally and physically.

Once we had signed up for the 100km adventure we began raising money in support of the Stroke Foundation, a charity close to our hearts. Over these last 6 months we thank everyone for your support on this incredible journey.

Flexibility has a huge part to play in moving better, preventing injuries and improving performance. In support of the Stroke Foundation we are creating a one off Virtual Flexibility Session that can be done in the comfort of your own home. I am very excited to share this event on 20th July and look forward to seeing you there!

Good luck team!!

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