"I jump out of bed every day to help you be who you want to be - to improve lives, careers and relationships."

Because guess what?

When you’re physically well, you feel good.

And when you feel good, your confidence, performance, impact and relationships improve.

And when those things happen, physical health becomes a way of life, not a chore or a failed intention. 

And that’s when you really win.

I’m proud to have helped over 80 people across Australia live better lives. There is honestly no better feeling than seeing you achieve your goals for today and tomorrow. 



Kelly is such an amazing trainer. I was really lacking motivation and enthusiasm with my training and she has fully restored this in only a few short weeks. She works with you to set realistic but challenging goals. Kelly has an incredible amount of knowledge on the human body and movement. She is so encouraging, motivating and empowering. Kelly has 100% helped me with my fitness goals and has inspired me to continue to train hard and eat well.
`Erin Johns.`
Kelly has been great to train with the last few weeks! I’ve been struggling to get back into my training with lack of motivation and drive with not having a goal like I used too have. So when I came to Brisbane I found Kelly at the gym and as a fellow Brit she has managed to get me back on a track and I found a love for training again. Kelly is a great lady to get to know with a vast amount of knowledge that she uses when she gets to know you! She trains hard herself, and is a great motivator! She’s been a great inspiration to me and I’ve enjoyed my training with her and I look forward to carrying on my experience with her whilst I’m here in Brisbane and continue a friendship afterwards.
`Gemma O`Connor.`
Kelly has helped me get into shape and completely changed my perspective on fitness. In a short amount of time I have gone from being very inactive to making massive improvements on my form, strength and health. She is amazing patient, encouraging, knowledgeable and you can really tell she cares about the wellbeing and goals of her clients!! I would 100% recommend her, doing pt with her is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Thanks for everything Kelly
`Montana Boyer.`



Working together, you and I will achieve results which last. I’ll help you be who you want to be, and shape the happy, healthy, successful life you want. I’ll support your journey, and live and breathe your goals for as long as you need me. Then I’ll step away and watch you thrive.

My clients win because of:

1.   An honest partnership, owned by two people  

2.   Knowledge and understanding first

3.   An achievable plan built and refined for you and you alone

4.   A journey with goals at every stage – number, behaviours and emotions

5.   Connection throughout – I’m where you are

I’m proud to let my clients speak for me. Hear about their journeys here.